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Meeting in Italy
Investigate, evaluate and the discuss the different methods already used, and the methods to be used in the upcoming Three meetings. We will make sure all content so far is added in the Virtual Book. We will also create a survey about if the participating have learned more or different things than normal. This survey is to be carried out in each school until the next meeting. In small scale with a few classes we try out creative methods of role play and exhibition. It will be teaching by foreign teachers, that will say the Italian students will be taught by participating teachers.
Teaching in English for the italian students, make sure work with Virtual Book is in progress

The program and studies were made in Lovosice, Tjeckien


Student working

Working with the exhibition

Working with the exhibition

Working with the exhibition

Working with the exhibition

the crew
The "whole gang"

Leonardo DaVinci exhibition in Sora, italy

video svezia con i prof